Council Approval Baby!

It’s official, we have council approval for our house!

Will add more later (including all of the dramas, and excitement). Too excited right now!

4 thoughts on “Council Approval Baby!”

  1. WOOHOO! I just saw your comment over on my blog and I asked you how you were going with council but you're already out! Such great news. You'll me starting in no time!

  2. Yes it's slaberrific haha. SS called this arvo to let us know frames are being delivered Monday and chippies will start Monday or Tueaday, he's certainly on the ball! Slab looks mega sitting on the block but in terms of looking at specific rooms they look tiny which I've heard heaps of people say. We dropped in this afternoon to see our neighbours block has been scraped, it's funny how just that changes the feel of our block already! Did Coral give you any idea of a start date now you're fully approved?

  3. Wow, it all goes so quickly once the slab is down! I think ours is going to look massive, I think I'll miss the nice lush grass haha. No idea about start date yet, haven't heard anything. Soon I hope!