5 thoughts on “Slab delayed”

  1. The story I got from the SS is that the concrete guy went out, had a look, and refused to do it. I think he was expecting to be able to park the cement truck next to the slab. We did budget a pump in the contract, so they just have to work that out. I'm not really sure I know what I'm talking about.

  2. How slack! Our contract included a concrete pump as standard so I would assume yours did too? How are they going to get it done if he refuses to do it?! I'm sure there would have been numerous other more difficult sites to access?! Well I hope they get a move on soon for you, it's so frustrating when you expect something to happen and it doesn't , though we've been pretty lucky and nearly every day someone has been working apart from rain delays. Ps I got two emails telling me Lauren had commented in my post from today but they're not showing up and I've had that problem when she has posted before.. Weird, just let her know I'm not ignoring her haha!

  3. Yeah there is a concrete pump in as standard. Really don't understand what happened. I've seen trucks pumping concrete from the street down to steep slopey blocks. That's why I think they tried to get away without using a pump.
    I also don't know how this delay will affect our timeline and 16 week estimate. Would we get charged more if they go over? It isn't our fault they decided to not do stuff while there was perfect weather :/
    The contract only mentions builder claiming extension/delay damages if owner supplied items and labour are not completed in a reasonable time frame. We've also got our rental agreement worked out so that it ends a few days after the 16 weeks *sigh*.

  4. SS called now saying they would have gone out there today if not for the weather. Now they need drying time too. He said it shouldn't delay the 16 weeks thing at this stage, unless there is more bad weather on the way.