Temporary blinds

I’ve kind of been freaking out over what type of window coverings we will need, but especially how much it is going to cost. I came to the realisation recently that even if we ‘tack sheets on the windows’, I don’t actually own enough sheets to do that, plus I would want to buy 3M hooks to put them up without ruining the newly painted walls.

So I went on a bit of a hunt for some other options and came across something called Redi Shade, produced by an American company. They can be purchased through Ezyblind Window Solutions in Australia. Unfortunately there are aren’t many colour choices or types through Ezyblind, they only stock the black blockout blinds and the white privacy shades, they also only come in one size. Nevertheless, it seemed like the best option, and the longest lasting ‘temporary’ solution.

I used my leave loading pay from my week off to get them and they had free delivery. They were about $60 for 6 shades. I ended up buying two packs, one of the blockout shades, and one of the white privacy shades. They arrived on Monday, so it basically only took about 5 days.

Here’s a picture of the white ones from the Redi Shade website

On close inspection, they are essentially just cardboard folded concertina style. Basically they just stick on to the top of the window frame. Despite the fact that I just paid what is likely a whopping amount for 12 pieces of cardboard, I’m actually fairly happy with them. The idea of either finding a way to tack up sheets or rush to find the money to get some proper window coverings was actually stressing me out. I feel good that we can put them up within a few seconds and be ready to go with no fussing around until we are ready to start looking into window covering options.

The amount I have is probably going to be enough to cover our bedroom bay window, the study and media room windows, and our long windows in the living room.

Now if only I could buy a lounge chair and dining table made of cardboard boxes and I’d be right.

6 thoughts on “Temporary blinds”

  1. They sound like a great temporary product! I was surprised at the cost of blinds, we got a quote for 16 roller blinds for our place through Franklyn Blinds and it was under $2000 for all of them including install. They weren't the full blackout type but I was expecting double that price.

    1. Oh that's great, we'll keep that company in mind. We will probably be wanting blinds for most of the windows, and then we are hoping to get shutters for our bay window. So I'm keen to hear of which places offer good prices! Thanks!

  2. I think it's a great idea Lauren! I have been searching high and low and spent hours and hours on the net, I even have an excel spreadsheet with about 15-20 online companies and their prices based on the same measurements (some of the same fabrics) for different blinds and shutters etc, so far these two places are coming up trumps http://www.iseekblinds.com.au and http://www.blindsonline.com.au/ (especially if you look at the second website I'd probably use the link, there are way to many variations of the words "blinds online"!!) I have heaps of samples too, both companies send decent size samples, some only send these little one inch by one inch ones which I have no-idea how you are supposed to visualize the blind from! it's hard enough from the sample! Whoever thought of redi-blinds is on to something!

    1. Thanks so much Mel! This is super helpful. I'm excited to start looking, especially knowing there are some out there that are a bit more affordable.

  3. I've seen these used before and they are a fantastic idea! The problem with using sheets is that they're generally ruined after being on your windows, too!!!

    When you're ready, try blindsshoponline.com.au also, as they are fantastic. Well priced and great quality.

    As for cardboard furniture – don't joke, it's totally available!!!!!!!


    1. M I hadn't even thought about the fact that they'd get ruined! Makes me feel even better about these shades. I'm loving gathering all of these sites. Thank you!