We just got back from seeing our brand new Colorbond Shale Grey roof. We love it….but there’s a but.
We kind of thought it would be darker! To the point where when we got there our first reaction was ‘umm, did they accidentally give us the wrong roof colour?’ It was so bright we thought they had accidentally given us a roof in Surfmist. Luckily, we love it anyway, and we are super happy that there will be a good level of contrast between the roof and bricks. We’ve realised we were probably more looking to get the next darkest one called Windspray to get the look we were going for. When you look at samples indoors they look darker, we never actually thought to take the sample outside and see how bright and reflective it is.

Tip for people who haven’t chosen their roof colour yet: take the samples outside in the sunlight! 🙂

Here’s a pic of our beautiful new roof:

6 thoughts on “Woops”

  1. It looks great! How exciting to have a roof!!!

    And I know what you mean about samples. Mick and I carted samples of our roof, bricks and external paint colour everywhere in every kind of light condition lol. But for some reason we didn't even paint samples of our internal colours…hmmm. Will see how that goes!

  2. It does sometimes look like Surfmist – I agree. When our sheets got delivered I was convinced they had delivered the wrong stuff but the docket said it was Shale Grey. We can't really see ours because of the skillion roof though anyway! Looks good either ways!

    1. We are fairly certain it is just that it's very reflective and making it look lighter-but we still plan to take our sample out just to compare. Kicking ourselves for not picking Surfmist instead, but our other fear was that the roof and bricks would be too similar, which is why we went for the lighter grey. Still love it, just not what we expected. Hopefully no more of these types of surprises haha!