Yet again

Once again the guy who provided our temporary water tank has let us down.

This is the same fellow who took a week to actually deliver our temporary tank when we started building. Every day we would check to see if it was there, and every day we would have to ring him again to see when he was going to do it-each time he’d say ‘yeah, I’ll definitely do it tomorrow’.

Now it’s come time to refill the tank because the brickies have used it all up and it’s the same story all over again. We found out Monday that it was getting low, so we called him right away. He said he would do it that night. We assumed it would get done. It’s now Friday and we just got a text from our SS saying there’s no water left.

Daniel just gave the guy a call and he said ‘yeah I’ll do it tomorrow’. The thing is, if he could just give an honest and fairly accurate response of when it will be done, we wouldn’t get so annoyed.

We’ll be going out the block on Sunday, fingers crossed it will be done or we are going to have some peed off brickies and an unhappy SS.

4 thoughts on “Yet again”

    1. We went there this afternoon and it hasn't been done. Called him and he said 'yeah I'll probably do it tonight or otherwise tomorrow morning at about 5am'. I took the opportunity to tell him that it HAS to be available by tomorrow or our brickies won't be able to do any work, and emphasised that it will be a big problem for us and him if there is no water by tomorrow. Who would've thought these would be the types of issues causing us stress.

    1. We do have an alternative local water carrier which we will use from now on, but as far as the tank itself goes apparently there is some kind of turf war over this stuff as we found out when we contacted someone from Dayboro, so we were a bit stuck there.
      There is a lot more to this but I'm not really sure I should go into it yet!