Picture show

This afternoon I got home pretty late this afternoon, nevertheless Daniel and our friend Andrew were waiting for me so that we could go out to the house for a look. It was fairly dark by the time we got there, we managed to get a few outside pictures. They have done the brick sill which goes along the entire front of our our bedroom, we were pretty happy with how it looks. We also wondered how it would turn out as it wasn’t our idea, the Coral draftsman added it in without us asking for it, and we actually liked the idea and stuck with it. 

We were excited to find that the waterproofing had been done in the bathrooms. The bathroom cabinets haven’t been installed yet. However we were told about a week ago that the tilers are meant to be starting tomorrow, so we are assuming we will see some more progress in the bathrooms fairly soon.

Now for the real surprise. Our kitchen cabinets have been installed!! That was very exciting as we really hadn’t expected to see quite so much progress int he kitchen. When we visit I’m the one who is two steps ahead running from to room screaming out to Daniel to ‘hurry up and come see’. It was almost pitch black inside, so we are lucky we didn’t fall over anything. We brought our good old Dolphin torch, and luckily the camera can still capture everything, although the pics have a lot of schmutz on them.

We also discovered that the shelves have been added to our hallway and linen cupboard, as well as the bedroom cupboards. Doors, door frames and window frames have also been added.

6 thoughts on “Picture show”

  1. It looks fantastic Lauren! It is really coming along!!! Your colours are very similar to ours I think too, so needless to say I think it looks great! Your kitchen looks awesome! we had such a tiny tiny kitchen at our old house I am finding I am doing a lot more walking from one end to the other and back etc. but I figure at least I'm burning calories that I am about to eat lol. I like the brick sill too. It's all very exciting! hopefully not too much longer to go!

    1. Thank you! Yes, very similar colours, smart people we are hehe. I can't wait to have a bigger kitchen, we've even resorted to ebaying some our appliances because there just hasn't been enough room in our rental. I'm looking forward to being able to walk from one lengthy end to the other, and agreed, at least it's burning calories haha.

  2. It's a funny feeling to look at your photos and think if I stood in the same place at our house we would be looking at the same thing haha! Everything looks great, I can't believe how all of a sudden it's look 'BOOM' everything is happening! Me three likes the brick sill!

    1. It is, I love looking at your photos for that reason, such a similar look. Hope you get to move into your new abode soon Em! The unexpected waiting must be torturous!