Blogger photo/space size limits

Recently I was writing a post on ‘Before’ pictures. When it came time to actually upload the photos I discovered that I had reached our Blogger storage limit. The obvious suggestion from Blogger/Google was to purchase more storage (haha). I’m all for having online storage, but I was dead set against this. We buy enough different storage devices and online storage as it is without being sucked into yet another ‘easy direct debit’.

After searching the internets for a little while, we discovered that this is a common issue, and that a lot of people unfortunately just give up on blogging.

What we did discover (and hopefully I have interpreted this correctly), is that photos under a certain size don’t count toward the storage quota. There’s a Google support page which appears to support this and talks about Picasa limits. Since I’ve started resizing the photos it seems to be letting me upload them and so far it seems to be working. Fingers crossed that this is correct and not just a short term solution, as we just cannot afford to be paying for yet another thing.

The way I do it is to just right click the photo I want, select ‘open with’ and choose ‘paint’. I then go to resize and reduce the percentage to 25% and then re-save it to the desktop as a jpeg. I then later just delete the smaller photo from the desktop after I’ve uploaded it with Blogger.

Let me know if anyone else has any tips or tricks or knows if this is a true solution.

4 thoughts on “Blogger photo/space size limits”

    1. I think the issue with starting a new blog under your Blogger sign in is that it still links to the same quota of storage. I think you would have to join to a whole new blogger account, not just create a new blog rather than create one under your current membership.

    1. No worries, I hope I'm right and it's not just a temporary solution. Alternatively even if this isn't completely correct, at least I know now that the storage quota will go a lot further if I use smaller sized photos.